Shell Vials Why Select Shell Vials?

click Shell vials feature thicker walls for safer sample handling. They are compatible with Waters WISP™ 48 and 96 style autosamplers. All shell vials are supplied with polyethylene plug closures – their tear-away design ensures excellent penetration and ventilation during sampling.

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Shell Vials

Shell Vials

Cat. No.DescriptionPacking
TC-7121ml Shell Vials, Clear Glass, 8.2mm x 40mm, click 1st Hydrol Class, 8mm PE-Plug, Soft without conocer chica lima insertion barrier for Micro-Insert100
TC-712 A1ml Shell Vial, 8.2mm x 40mm, Clear Glass, follow link 1st Hydrol Class100
TC-712 B8mm PE-Plug, Transparent (Without Insertion Barrier)100
TC-712 C0.8ml Shell Vial Clear Glass, 8.2 X 30mm, tehachapi dating (Without PE Plug)100
TC-712 D1ml Shell Vial, Amber, 8.2 X 40mm, Clear Glass, 1st Hydrol Class100
TC-712 DB1ml Shell Vial, Amber Glass, 8.2 X 40mm, 1st Hydrol Class, 8mm PE-Plug without insertion barrier for Micro-Insert100