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Reusable Needles

numero de telefono para conocer gente We offer a variety of needles of laboratory use. All needles are made with type 304 stainless steel cannulae. They are ground and electro polished on high precision machines. Needles are fitted with standard nickel arava border crossing hours plated luer hubs.



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TN-0414B14 G x 4”Beveled10
TN-0316B16 G x 3”Beveled10
TN-0616B16 G x 6”Beveled10
TN-0816B16 G x 8”Beveled10
TN-1216B16 G x 12”Beveled10
TN-0417B17 G x 4”Beveled10
TN-0617B17 G x 6”Beveled10
TN-0817B17 G x 8”Beveled10
TN-1017B17 G x 10”Beveled10
TN-1217B17 G x 12”Beveled10
TN-0318B18 G x 3”Beveled10
TN-0418B18 G x 4”Beveled10
TN-0618B18 G x 6”Beveled10
TN-0818B18 G x 8”Beveled10
TN-1018B18 G x 10”Beveled10
TN-1218B18 G x 12”Beveled10
TN-0319B19 G x 3”Beveled10
TN-0419B19 G x 4”Beveled10
TN-0619B19 G x 6”Beveled10
TN-0819B19 G x 8”Beveled10
TN-1019B19 G x 10”Beveled10
TN-1219B19 G x 12”Beveled10
TN-0822B22 G x 8”Beveled10
TN-1022B22 G x 10”Beveled10
TN-0223B23 G x 2”Beveled10
TN-0423B23 G x 3”Beveled10
TN-0623B23 G x 6”Beveled10
TN-0823B23 G x 8”Beveled10
TN-1023B23 G x 10”Beveled10
TN-1223B23 G x 12”Beveled10

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