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Limited Volume Inserts

Why Select Limited volume Inserts?

Limited volume inserts are an economical solution in sample analysis to reduce the use and waste of solvents and small samples. For optimum instrument performance and accurate test results, use the guides below to ensure that the correct insert is used with the appropriate autosampler vial. The Insert is neckless and always has to be used within a vial. The diameter of the Insert depends on the size of the vial opening. Inserts reduces the volume, so that the needle is capable of picking up even smallest sample quantities. The larger the top of an insert, the more the volume can be reduce.

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 Bottom Type

Insert selection guide

Solvent CompatibilityGlass is most commonly used for vial inserts. Polypropylene may be necessary when using
pH sensitive samples.
Targeted Dead VolumeMandrel point inserts provide the smallest dead volume so are suitable when minimizing sample loss is important. Conical bottom inserts provide sufficient sample extraction for Most applications.
PriceFlat bottom inserts are the cheapest and may be a viable option for limited sampling. Mandrel point vial inserts are the most expensive but they minimise sample loss and provide excellent Injection accuracy.

Cat. No.DescriptionPacking9mm Screw11mm
TC-60 A0.2ml Micro-Insert, 6 x 31mm, Clear Glass,
1st Hydrol Class, Flat Bottom, Fill Vol. 0.35ml
TC-60 B0.1ml Micro-Insert, 6 x 31mm, Clear Glass,
1st Hydrol Class, Conical, 12mm Top, Fill
Vol. 0.30ml (Coming Soon)
TC-60 C0.1ml Micro-Insert, 6 x 31mm, Clear Glass,
1st Hydrol Class, Conical, 15mm Top,
Fill Vol. 0.25ml (Coming Soon)
TC-60 D0.1ml Micro-Insert, 5.7 x 29mm, Clear Glass,
1st Hydrol Class, Mandrel Point with
assembled Plastic Spring, Fill Vol. 0.20ml
(Coming Soon)