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Gas Tight Syringes

TRÜTH Gas Tight syringe are ideal for dispensing both liquids and gases. Gas Tight Syringes have a precision-machined PTFE plunger tip which creates a leak-free seal. With the tight fit, the tip essentially wipes the interior of the syringe barrel free of sample. This feature is particularly useful with heterogeneous samples as it reduces the chance that a deposit will occur and cause the plunger to freeze.

All TRÜTH Gas Tight Syringe are accurate within +/- 1% of nominal and with Precision within +/- measured at 80% of total Scole Volume

Liqiuid Handling Syringes - For OEM Syringes Pumps/ Instrument Syringes V6 Line.

TRÜTH Gas Tight Syringe Operating Parameter 
Volume5ml10 ml25ml
Scale length, mm606060
Total scale divisions100100100
Major graduations, mL0.51.0
Minor graduations, mL0.10.20.5
Sub-Minor graduations, mL0.050.10.25
Maximum tempreature°C115115115
Minimum tempreature°C101010
Maximum Pressure ratingbars14147


LT -Luer Tip

TLL - Teflon Luer Lock

LTFN - Luer tip Fixed Needle


Syringe Terminations

TerminationsAbbrevationsCatalogAutoclavable at 115°C
Luer TipLT42-08-01-7342-09-01-7442-30-01-75Yes if disassembled
PTFE Luer LockTLL42-08-65-7342-09-65-7442-30-65-75Yes if disassembled
UNF1/4"-28UNF42-08-67-7342-09-67-7442-30-67-75Yes if disassembled
Fixed Needle BeveledLTFN42-08-66-7342-09-66-74-No
Fixed Needle BluntLTFNB42-08-68-7342-09-68-74-No

Zero Dead Volume:

The 6cm V6 syringe is designed and manufactured under stringent manufacturing and quality standards. These precision syringes are commonly used in clinical and analytical instrumentation where precision dispensing is critical. The syringes are able to handle your critical applications.
Length: 4.37"
End Cap: ¼-28 Plunger Button: XL style
Optimal Internal Pressure 80 PSI
Storage Temperature: 10°F to 180°F °C
Operating Temperature: 50°F to 104°F
Humidity: up to 100%
Wetted Materials:
Borosilicate Glass, Kel-F (CTFE), Teflon (PTFE), UHMW (optional tip material), Lubricated with Medical grade lubricant
Cycle life:
PTFE Tip= up to 400K full stroke cycles* UHMW Tip = up to 800k full stroke cycles*
1% at 10% of total volume (with Di Water)