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Disposable Culture Tube

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 premium quality glass tubes are produced from borosilicate glass that provides excellent chemical resistance and durability. The tubes are available in Various sizes and feature uniform bottoms and fire-polished rims. They are neatly packaged in boxes of 250 and are shrink-wrapped in plastic film to keep them particle free.

Features and Benefits:
• Made from superior quality borosilicate glass to reduce pH changes and contaminants that are potentially leached from tubes made from soda lime glass.
• Tubes can be used for tissue culture and blood banks.
• Tubes are chemically inert.
• Tubes feature well-rounded bottoms and smooth, fire-polished rims.
• Dimensional specifications are rigidly controlled for reliable, uniform results.

Technical Specifications:
Material: Type 1, Class B Borosilicate Glass
Autoclavable: Yes
Spin Rate: Max. ~ 4500 rpm
Melting Point (Log n=4): 1460ºC (+/-20ºC)
Softening Point (Log n=7.6): 1220ºC (+/-20ºC)
Freezing Point: -50ºC
Expansion = 5 ~ 6 x 10-6 k-1

Product Certificatons:
• ISO 9001:2008
• Meets ASTM E890 Specification, Type 1 Requirements
(Standard Specification for Disposable Glass Culture Tubes)

Suitable for:
General Testing and Culturing applications
• Blood Banks,             • Hematology,
• Bacteriology              • Virology
• Tissue Culture Laboratories

Catalogue NoDescriptionPacking
H - 1007510 X 75mm, 3ml250 Per box
H - 1207512 X 75mm, 5ml250 Per box
H - 1310013 X 100mm, 7ml250 Per box
H - 1610016 X 100mm, 10ml250 Per box
H - 1612516 X 125mm, 10ml250 Per box
H - 1615016 X 150mm, 15ml250 Per box

Note: Any institution or individual who reuses a disposable glass culture tube must bear full resposibility for its safety and effectiveness.