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Cannabis Oil Syringes

Cannabis oil syringe

TRÜTH Cannabis Oil Glass Syringes are far more superior to standard plastic syringes. Top Syringe Manufacturing Company Private Limited uses the highest medical grade boroscilicate glass for Cannabis Oil Syringes so that it will not affect the integrity of the cannabis concentrate.

Advantages of Glass Syringes

The Boroscilicate Glass Construction provides

  • Ease of use
  • Less waste
  • A cleaner process
  • Precision dosage
  • Retaining the quality of the product
  • Heat resistant (200°C / 392°F)

Risks of using Plastic Syringes for Cannabis Oil

  • Plastic can interact with the marijuana terpenes
  • Plastic can affect the quality of the concentrate
  • Therefore jeopardizing supplier’s product and reputation

Accurate measurability of each dose is important for medical pourpose; the Syringes allow for administration of precise amounts of cannabis concentres for use in edibles, orally, or the process of smoking.
TRÜTH Glass Syringes may be filled with several different types of oil concentrates and are available in a variety of sizes including 1cc, 2cc, 3cc, 5cc, 10cc, 20cc, 30cc, 50cc and 100cc syringes in luer lock and glass tip orientations.

We offers optional elomoteric medical grade syringe tip caps which protects the contained product when not in use.

We also undertake OEM production with customer printing of logo, scale, font etc.